Why The NSW Commercial Refrigerator Rebates Scheme Could Be A Game-Changer

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Why The NSW Commercial Refrigerator Rebates Scheme Could Be A Game-Changer

By: Keri Thomas, GM Sales and Marketing, SKOPE
Rewarding small businesses who choose to invest in the latest refrigeration is a real win-win.

With improved refrigerant management being recognized by Project Drawdown as the single biggest way the world can reduce global warming, responsible manufacturers of commercial refrigeration are focused on delivering low energy fridges and freezers that use natural gases to cool.

Whilst these green refrigeration products are becoming more widely available, many manufacturers and importers continue to market low quality, inefficient and climate- damaging products to unknowing customers.

Some State Governments in Australia are acting on this opportunity and rewarding businesses who invest in efficient, green refrigeration with cash-back incentives.

The NSW Government is the latest state, after Victoria and South Australia, to offer these environmental-led incentives that enocurage hospitality operators to invest in fridges and freezers that are greener and will significantly reduce an operator’s energy bills.

What’s different about the NSW scheme than those in Victoria and South Australia is the significant size of the payments available for buying modern and efficient refrigeration.

For instance, in NSW a customer will get a $878 rebate on a SKOPE 2-door upright fridge (ActiveCore 2 BME1200) with natural refrigerant.

On the Victorian scheme, the same choice would see just $133 returned to their back pocket.

Whilst the value of rebates in NSW is a much bigger incentive than those in other states, the intent to offer any rebate is positive, as it is creating a dialogue about making the right choice for small business.

Put another way, the short-term feel-good of the incentive for a business operator will be replaced by the long-term feel-good of lower energy bills over the life of their equipment.

As an example, the same SKOPE BME1200 model mentioned above can cost $1,000 less to run per year than comparable models available in the market; and over $1,500 less than fridges that are 5 years or older.

When many restaurants, bars or convenience stars run 5 or more fridges the potential energy savings are massive; running into tens of thousands of dollars.

Hopefully, the rebate programmes available will not only encourage operators to upgrade to avail themselves to the rebates but actually because it is smart business.

Just as importantly, it is a good decision for the planet. New natural refrigerants are designed to not only be more efficient but be significantly less damaging to the environment – this effect on the environment is measured by their Global Warming Potential – or GWP.

When you consider that many fridges in the market (old and new) using non-natural refrigerants (with common variants being R134a and R404a) that are 1,100 times more damaging to the environment than new natural versions, you can understand why there is a real environmental benefit to change here.

Governments around the world are taxing the older inefficient refrigerants as part of a global phase-out programme. This meaning buying a fridge with this gas type is not a long-term proposition – because they are become more expensive to repair and will eventually become effectively unrepairable.

So if you operate a hospitality business in NSW, Victoria or South Australia you have some very powerful reasons to support energy efficiency. Even if your state isn’t offering the rebate, the reasons to change are compelling.

*Find out more about refrigeration rebates.

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