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About CFSP

After several years of successfully operating in Australia, the NAFES Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP) Program continues to draw interest from the foodservice industry.

There are now over 250 people who have successfully completed the CFSP program in Australia.

Each year, the person from each state who receives the highest score in their CFSP exam is rewarded with the CSFP Merit Award.

How It Works

NAFES CFSP accreditation is awarded to those individuals who successfully pass the NAFES CFSP exam.

This exam is held at the conclusion of each NAFES CFSP equipment and suppliers overview seminar.

To achieve CFSP certification, you must also achieve a minimum of 35 points on the CFSP Personal Data form. The score is based on your experience, education and involvement in the foodservice industry.

The Course / Why Apply?

The CFSP Program

To successful achieve the CFSP designation (and the benefits that accrue) candidates must do all of the following:

Attend a two day seminar

Pass a comprehensive written test.

Prove specific levels of experience in the industry. You will need to achieve a minimum of 35 points on the CFSP personal data form.

Show a commitment to personal development through the completion of recognised education/training programs.

Demonstrate active involvement in the industry.

Audience & Requirements


Individuals within the industry for whom the qualification will be most beneficial are likely to be:

  • Sales, marketing, customer service (although anyone working in the industry would benefit).
  • Upper and middle management.
  • Clubs and Pub managers.
  • Working for a manufacturer, distributor or end user in the Food Service industry in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Dietician involved in aged care/hospitals.
  • Caterer.
  • Interested in personal growth, ambitious, inspirational and competitive.


The types of organisations which might employ these individuals and are predisposed to engage with a personal development program of this nature.

They are likely to be:

  • Involved in catering equipment or other food service/hospitality related products and services.
  • Manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or agent.
  • Engaged in or running customer training programs.
  • Have senior management who encourage personal development and training amongst staff.

Key Benefits

To Accredited Individuals

  • Improve your personal competitive position.
  • Become more effective in your role – both within your organisation and the sector – by increasing and broadening your knowledge of the industry and demonstrating a more professional approach.
  • Recognition of your food service industry specific knowledge.
  • Gain industry recognition by achieving a qualification that is accepted and respected by key employers, industry bodies (such as NAFES) and peers.
  • Enjoy the confidence, success and satisfaction gained by furthering your own personal development and growth.
  • Demonstrate your accomplishment by using the CFSP designation on business cards and other personal documents.

To Organisations

  • The only qualification for staff that is specific to the Food Service industry.
  • Show industry leadership by encouraging higher levels of professionalism within the sector and help to raise the profile of the ‘supplier’ community.
  • Compete more effectively through having a better qualified, more knowledgeable and more professional workforce.
  • Increase motivation and engagement amongst key customer-facing employees by developing their own skills and knowledge as well as encouraging and facilitating their own personal and professional development.

What You’ll Learn

Discover the units covered in CSFP training.

Discover the units covered in CSFP training.
1. The Foodservice Industry – An Overview
2. Distribution Within the Foodservice Industry
3. Facility Design
4. Utilities – Basic Design Considerations
5. Approval Agencies
6. Food Safety and Health Concerns
7. The Receiving and Storage Areas
8. Food Preparation – A General Overview
9. Cook Chill Systems
10. Kitchen Design Equipment Considerations
11. The Service Area and its Primary Function
12. “Front of House”/”Tabletop” Design Considerations
13. Effective Dishwashing Operations
14. Kitchenware
15. Bakery Equipment and Supplies

CFSP Course Presenter Doug Fryett

Doug Fryett

Doug’s first published book was titled “An Introduction to the Food Service Industry”.

This book was used as the basis for Doug to then develop the CFSP program, initially for the USA, then for the UK, and now also for Australia.

Doug also presents the CFSP program around the globe.

CFSP accreditation is the only globally recognised industry education program. The CFSP program in Australia and New Zealand is managed by NAFES on behalf of and for the benefit of the Australian and New Zealand Foodservice Industry.

CFSP Participating Companies

Take a look at participating companies from Australia and New Zealand.

Middleby Australia
QCC Hospitality Supplies
Frost group
Mattys Equipment
Altitude Refrigeration
Williams Refrigeration Australia
Advantage Commercial Kitchens
Luus Commcial Catering Equipment
Ice Catering Company
Rational Australia Comcater
Hospitality Superstore
Commercial Kitchen Company
Protech Hospitality
Allied Air Conditioning
Scots Ice Australia
Steve Currie Design
Coast Ice & Cold Solutions
Bromic group
Cafe Ideas
DHT Solutions
Bars and more
Southern Hospitality
Burns Ferrall Ltd
Prestige Products
Silver Chef
Guzman Y Gomez
B S Commercial Kitchens
Celsius Commercial Kitchens
arafura catering equipment
CKB Solutions
Majors group
Roller Grill Australia

CFSP Members

CFSP Accreditation bestows a mark of quality on its members and is there to give customers the confidence that they are dealing with the best people in the Foodservice Industry.

Accreditation is a sign of experience and a good breadth of knowledge that will serve you well.

Our Members

All of the following people are members of CFSP. If you have dealings with a CFSP accredited individual you can verify their credentials here.

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CFSP 2020 Accredited Members