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As a NAFES member, you receive:

Access to our unique credit reporting system.

Involvement and input into Trade Shows, including Fine Food Australia and FSA.

Latest industry liaison information on gas, electricity, water, and information on changes in industry standards.

Access to the CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional) program; an accreditation programme available for its members’ employees and dealers.

Be a part of an established industry association that is dedicated to the promotion and furtherance of the food equipment industry.


To join NAFES, you or your business must be engaged in dealing in commercial foodservice equipment in Australia and/or New Zealand.

Membership approval will come from our Board of Directors on a case by case basis.

NAFES Code of Practice

The code covers the range of support concerning the manufacture, supply, installation and after sales service that buyers can expect from members of the association. It also covers the ethics, integrity and professional standards that members must adhere to and which buyers can expect when dealing with members of NAFES.

It is a requirement of all NAFES members to sign up and comply with the NAFES Code of Practice as their commitment to being a NAFES member.

Compliance with Regulation and Technical Standards

Members shall ensure that their products are fully compliant with the required standards and regulations.

Members shall ensure that their products are fully compliant with the required standards and regulations. Please note that anybody involved in the sale of equipment (ie manufacturers, importers, resellers and specifiers) has a legal obligation to ensure the products they sell meets all local standards. It is illegal to market any products that are non-compliant. When purchasing any commercial equipment we strongly advise you check that it is legal to sell, as some operators illegally import products. Significant fines can be charged to any person(s) involved in marketing/selling of uncertified equipment. Laws around this typically sit with state governments (regional areas) as opposed to the Federal (National) government.


Members are expected to stand by the published features of their products and to be able to substantiate any claimed performance characteristics, required serviceability levels or other benefits.


Members’ equipment will comply with the Food Hygiene Regulations where relevant to ensure good hygiene practice and ensure protection against external sources of contamination and ease of cleaning and disinfection.

Members will undertake a risk assessment of equipment at the design and construction stages to ensure that food safety risk is minimised or where possible, eliminated.

Equipment, articles and fittings that come in contact with food will satisfy regulations relating to “Materials in Contact with Food”.


NAFES recognises the need for the industry to undertake manufacturing processes that reflect current environmental requirements. It undertakes to keep members appraised of current legislation and advice and will represent the sector on such issues.

For example, specialist NAFES members are heavily engaged in developing government standards to improve the efficiency and environmental credentials of commercial refrigeration.

In addition, by complying with the NAFES Code of Practice all NAFES Members must be committed and strive to minimise their environmental impact through all stages including manufacturing, packaging, transport and installation. This includes efficiency in running equipment and continual development to reduce their carbon footprint.

Product Presentation

Members are expected to ensure that their sales staff are trained and familiar with the products offered and are able to provide advice on the correct specification, installation and use of their equipment.

Members shall ensure that their employees, contractors and/or agents are adequately trained and qualified and that they exercise their responsibilities with appropriate skill, care and professionalism.


Where members are responsible for the installation of equipment, they will ensure that the equipment they supply is installed to the regulations, standards and requirements currently in force in relation to its connection to gas, electricity, water and waste, together with any other requirements.

Where equipment is to be installed by a third party, the equipment manufacturer will provide relevant technical information in order that equipment is installed to current standards and regulations.

After Sales Support

Members will be able to offer operators comprehensive advice on maintenance requirements in relation to the workload of the equipment, advise on operator training, and support for all its products whether the product is supplied direct or via a third party.

Service and Maintenance

Where necessary members will either directly, or via third parties, provide comprehensive after sales support for their products covering routine maintenance repairs and further operator training.

Spare Parts

Members will ensure that replacement parts are available for the anticipated working life of the equipment supplied.


Members will ensure that guarantees offered conform at least to the minimum statutory requirements.


Where a member is made aware of local requirements by a potential customer, he will endeavour to offer relevant advice regarding the suitability of the equipment for its intended use.

Operating and Maintenance

Members will make relevant manuals available. Copies of manuals will be held for the expected lifetime of the equipment.


All NAFES members must act with integrity, competence, diligence, respect and in an ethical manner. They are to ensure that to the best of their ability, interactions between employees, suppliers, and clients are fair, free of unwarranted discrimination and harassment.

NAFES members must maintain the integrity of the industry. They must protect and honor the value and reputation of NAFES as an industry association.

Liability of the Association

Although NAFES cannot undertake the liabilities of its members it will endeavour to ensure that its members are aware of and comply with the content of this code of practice.

Breaches of the NAFES Code of Practice

Breaching the NAFES Code of Practice may result in termination of NAFES Membership.