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CFSP Success Stories

Hear from past participants.


What I like the most,starting from the design process, the consultant process, the acquisition process the end use of the customer, then going through exactly what their needs are for their business and then finally delivering at a final stage. I highly recommend doing the CFSP course.

Samantha Miller CFSP – Williams Refrigeration Australia
Sydney Region Sales Manager


What I got out of the CFSP course is mostly was the basic fundamentals of food services and design. So it’s good to understand all of those various processes as well as different systems of different areas. Anyone that comes in touch with food, health and safety and commercial hospitality and design should do this course.

Jason Maheno CFSP – Burns & Ferrall Ltd.
National Sales Manager


CFSP definitely sets a standard for the industry. We feel that CFSP program is mandatory for the industry to attend.

Sören Gleitsmann – Meiko Australia Pacific
Managing Director & NAFES President


I would definitely recommend it to all the designers, our consultants in the industry- the course will help them a lot especially the booth. And that’s a great opportunity for me to learn more to be professional and that’s why I took this course.

Bruce Fathi CFSP – Hexa Hospitality Design
Executive Director


I think everybody in the food service industry should actually do the course. A lot of my colleague have done that course already.

Tim Walker CFSP – Bunzl Australia & New Zealand
 National Hospitality Projects Specialist


I would recommend anybody to do the CFSP course. I didn’t understand how the rest of the industry works and it really showed me what the whole industry is about.

Andrew MacKinnon CFSP – Meiko
Customer Service Manager


The CFSP program, I feel is invaluable to both new people from the industry and experienced people in the industry. To anyone running a business, or anyone controlling a training budget, please think of the CFSP program because I think you’ll find it invaluable to bringing your staff up to speed.

Michael Wood – Comcater
Managing Director


Let’s have a professional standards for our sales personnel. Loads in the industry that are interfacing with the end user. We start about introducing the program. I think that we’ve done as a family, the innovations we’ve brought to the industry and the level of professionalism that we operated has made a big contribution to the industry that we all enjoy.

Kevin Wood – Comcater

“I would highly recommend the CFSP course to all foodservice industry colleagues. It provides new starters in foodservice an in-depth overview of the industry as a whole with informative and crucial information to arm you for success. It serves as a knowledge base refresher for those of us who have spent a life time in the industry. An indispensable course, thoroughly enjoyable.”
Hoss Esmaeilzadeh
Sales Manager
- Prestige Products
“Having attended my first NAFES course this year, I can confidently say that the course outline and information selected for training over a 2-day period was phenomenal. One never assumes you know “everything” – but after completing the course realized how much I had learnt and confidence I had gained. I particularly noticed this on a project I was working on weeks following the course where information taught had come in very useful.”
Belinda Clarke
Sales Consultant
- Moffat Food Service Equipment
“Many thanks for all the organisation for putting on a great event. It did highlight for me outside of the course, the absolute necessity for this to be a prerequisite of any person in the industry. For how can anyone offer advice and solutions to their clients without full knowledge of operations, health and laws. I will be pursuing within my organisation to have more colleagues and staff attend these training sessions.”
Tim Walker
National Hospitality Projects Specialist
- Bunzl Outsourcing Services