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National Association of Food Equipment Suppliers

We empower Australian and New Zealand foodservice and equipment suppliers to create a better industry and a better future for themselves, their staff and their customers.


The members of NAFES possess outstanding levels of knowledge and experience in food equipment technology. They are without peer in their expertise and vision, particularly in future trends of methods.

As an organisation, NAFES focuses on bringing together specialist suppliers to enhance the standing of the industry through ethical business practices. Working closely with our members, we promote progress, education and co-operation with regulatory agencies.

Each year, we also recognise achievements by companies and individuals in the development of the foodservice industry in Australia.

NAFES works closely with the two main Foodservice Exhibition organisers – Exhibition and Trade Fairs, who run the bi-annual FoodService Australia expo (formerly known as ICTF); and Diversified Exhibitions Australia, who run the Fine Foods expos. Through these relationships, NAFES provides input to ensure both trade shows achieve the best possible outcomes for its members.

When you join NAFES, you’ll feel confident knowing you are part of a movement to create a safer, more productive industry which adds value to businesses, customers and staff.

Why Join NAFES

Raising the bar for service and standards

Be a part of an established industry association that is dedicated to the promotion and furtherance of the food equipment industry.

30 Year History

NAFES was established in 1990 and has a proud history.


Dedicated focus on the food equipment industry.

CFSP Accreditation

Become a Certified Food Service Professional with this unique program.

Progress, Education, Cooperation

NAFES promotes progress, education, and co-operation with regulatory agencies.

Unique Credit Reporting System

Members have exclusive access to this one-of-a-kind system.

Stay Informed

Let us keep you up to date on gas, electricity, water, and changes to industry standards.

NAFES Vision, Mission, and Values


Education. Influence. Advancement. NAFES promotes ethical business practices, operates the CFSP program in Australia, hosts industry events and represents the industry to regulatory agencies. NAFES also provides industry recognition to individuals for high achievement and contributions in the food service and bakery industries in Australia.

CFSP awards 2019

NAFES is a not for profit association that focuses on bringing together Australian and New Zealand manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of foodservice and bakery equipment to enhance the standing of the industry.

Our Objectives – as stated in the NAFES Memorandum of Association
  • to promote progress and improve education and communication in the foodservice industry;
  • to sponsor seminars, workshops and appropriate educational exhibitions to benefit its members in the foodservice industry;
  • to co-operate with government, regulatory agencies and industry associations in the furtherance of the foodservice industry;
  • to provide a forum for the lawful exchange of information among its members;
  • to encourage individual and company achievement by participation in NAFES’s activities;
  • to liaise with similar organisations established outside Australia to benefit its members and the foodservice industry; and
  • to promote the development of the foodservice industry
Food service association

Client focused, driven, motivated, inform, collaborative, educational

NAFES Code of Practice

The NAFES Code of Practice covers the range of support concerning the manufacture supply, installation and after sales service that buyers can expect from members of the association. It also covers the ethics, integrity and professional standards that members must adhere to and which buyers can expect when dealing with members of NAFES.

It is a requirement of all NAFES members to sign up and comply with the NAFES Code of Practice as their commitment to being a NAFES member.

Board of Directors

Michael Brick

NAFES President & General Manager, Meris
Michael has been involved in the Food Equipment industry, first in the construction and fit-out side of the industry before becoming involved as a partner in Meris Food Equipment back in 2002. A NAFES Board member since 2016 and sitting his CFSP in 2017. Michael is passionate about NAFES increasing its presence in the industry, becoming a known and trusted source of information and education for manufacturers, dealers and end-users.
Food Service Equipment Supplier

Tony Stoddart

NAFES Vice President General Manager – Food Service Equipment, Stoddart
Tony has 20 years’ experience working in the Foodservice Equipment Industry at Stoddart and joined the NAFES board in 2012. He is passionate about growing the industry and improving awareness of equipment compliance amongst members.
Food Service Equipment Supplier

Keri Thomas B.A. M.B.A.

NAFES President & General Manager – Sales and Marketing, Skope
Keri’s first job was washing dishes in a Brisbane restaurant at age 15 and he has been involved in the hospitality industry almost ever since. His management experience spans hospitality construction, design and equipment supply over 20+ years, most recently at NZ-based refrigeration SKOPE. Keri re-joined the NAFES Board in 2017 and was appointed Vice-President in 2019. Keri’s focus is to broaden NAFES’s relevance in the hospitality industry focussing on professional development and encouraging safe, smart, sustainable technologies.
Food Service Equipment Supplier

Soren Gleitsmann

Managing Director – Meiko Australia Pacific
Soren has 30 years of international B2B experience with a strong business and finance acumen gained in Germany and Asia Pacific region. He has a depth of experience growing businesses, partnering with external organisations, innovating to drive value in core businesses and leading complex teams through significant change delivering exceptional results. Soren joined NAFES in September 2016 as a Director and in September 2019 was appointed as President of NAFES.
Food Service Equipment Supplier

Craig Pickford

Managing Director & Owner of CyberChill
Craig is a qualified Refrigeration Engineer who has grown up in the refrigeration manufacturing industry. Working alongside his father in the early 80’s, he’s done everything from fitting compressors on the production line to managing foreign sales and manufacturing subsidiaries. He has operated extensively in Africa, Asia, UK, Europe, Middle East & Australasia supplying refrigeration solutions to some of the most prestigious kitchens around the world.
Looking to continue on the good work already done by previous NAFES members & directors as he brings enormous expertise in Refrigeration, Innovation and Energy Efficiency.
Food Service Equipment Supplier

Mary Thomas

Managing Director, Roller Grill

With an Accounting background Mary started in the Food service industry in 1986. Joining the NAFES Board in 2009, and acquiring the CFSP accreditation in 2017. Mary has served as the NAFES President – 2015 to 2018, and is on the CFSP committee.

Greg O’Connell

Group Managing Director, Moffat
Greg O’Connell, FCPA , is the Managing Director at Moffat Group which is an Ali Group Company. He is responsible for the Global activities of the Group. He has extensive experience in Mergers and Acquisitions which has resulted in the strategic growth of the business. Greg joined the NAFES Board in July 1991 and has been instrumental in the growth and strategic direction of NAFES. He has served as the NAFES President and has been heavily involved in the industry for over 40 years. Greg is passionate about educating the industry through the CFSP Qualification and for NAFES to continue to grow and to play a significant role in the continued development of the industry.
Food Service Equipment Supplier

Robert Wood

Managing Director, Comcater
Robert Wood is currently the Managing Director of Comcater. He has been involved in the industry for over 34 years. He has worked in many areas including Logistics, Technical, Sales and Marketing. He is keen to help NAFES have a significant presence in the industry and to play a major role in the future direction of the industry.

Andrew Carson

Managing Director, Roband
Andrew Carson, Cert. Mech. Eng. CFSP is currently the Managing Director at Roband. He has held this position for over 30 years. Andrew was appointed to the NAFES Board in 1994. Within NAFES Andrew is the industry liaison for Electricity and his extensive knowledge of the industry has proved incredibly useful. Andrew has strongly supported the CFSP Qualification and is keen to see the CFSP Qualification become a mandatory requirement within the industry and for NAFES to continue to grow, influence and advance the industry.

Jacques Morin

Director, Phoeniks
Jacques has 20 years experience in the Foodservice Equipment Industry, starting being Export Manager for some of the manufacturers, he now represents in Australia. He and his family made Australia Home in 2007. He has joined NAFES board in 2014. He is passionate about training and sharing knowledge in the industry through the CFSP program.

Bruce Hammond

Managing Director, Coast Distributors
Bruce is the owner and managing director of Coast Distributors. He has been involved in the refrigeration and food services industry for over 40 years with a depth of experience providing cold side solutions for a range of applications. As a board member he is committed to supporting the ongoing good work of NAFES across the industry, working with fellow board members to provide information, education and development.

Administration and Marketing

Jennifer Wong

Jennifer Wong

Marketing Manager
Jennifer is the NAFES Marketing Manager. She is responsible for managing the NAFES CFSP course, developing the new NAFES website, running NAFES events – including the Annual Industry Gala Dinner and growing the NAFES membership base.
Her goal is to see the CFSP course gain further momentum and be seen as a mandatory for everyone within the industry. She would also like to see NAFES become the leading influencer and thought leader within the Food Industry.
Mark Williams

Mark Williams

Mark is the Managing Director at Imagine Accounting. He joined Imagine Accounting in 2000 in his first year of university. He was admitted as a Director in 2007 and became the Managing Director in 2017.
Mark’s passion is helping small businesses with all things financial management, cash flow, structuring, asset protection, and tax minimisation.
Mark is the Secretariat of NAFES and has held this role since 2005. He is passionate to apply his accounting and business knowledge to assist NAFES to grow and evolve.