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Gas Appliance Certification

The Australian States and Territories administer legislation requiring gas equipment to be certified before they are offered for sale, sold and used in Australia.

Each State and Territory has its own individual legislation for gas equipment which must be adhered to.

State based Gas Technical Regulators

In Australia there are two categories of gas appliances:

Type A
Definition: An appliance for which a certification scheme exists.
Type A gas appliances are generally an off the shelf appliance, which are mass produced.

Type B
Definition: An appliance, with a gas consumption in excess of 10 MJ/h, for which a certification scheme does not exist.
Type B appliances are generally custom made one-off appliances, which are specially designed for its intended purpose. However, it can also be an already certified Type A appliance used for an application other than it was previously intended. i.e. Gas Heater in a paint booth.

Type A gas appliances are required to be tested to the relevant Australian Standards.
Commercial Catering Gas Equipment must be tested and comply with AS 4563.
The appliance must then be certified by a JAZ-ANZ accredited CAB (Conformity Assessment Body) before the appliance can be offered for sale.
Once certified, the CAB provides the Certificate Holder an Approval Number and the CAB Certification
Logo or Sticker, which must be displayed on all appliances offered for sale within Australia.
List of JAZ-ANZ Accredited Certification bodies:

  • AGA
  • SAI Global
  • Global-Mark
  • Vipac
  • BSI Australia/BSI New Zealand

Whereas a Type B gas appliance must comply with AS 3814, and is assessed onsite by the State based Gas Technical Regulator. The Gas Technical Regulator will apply their own-badge to the
appliance once the approval has been issued.

All Gas Installations must comply with AS/NZS 5601, and all future servicing and maintenance must be completed in line with AS 4575.
In addition to the above requirements, the GTRC (Gas Technical Regulator Committee) developed a new set of rules for the CAB’s, which now requires a new gas mark known as the GCM (Gas
Compliance Mark) to be applied to all gas appliances.

This requirement became mandatory as of January 2020 and must be displayed on all gas appliances sold within Australia. There two different versions of the GCM, one for Australia Only and the other for Australia & New Zealand. An inscription below the artwork differentiates between the two versions. Note: In order to apply the Australia & New Zealand GCM, additional testing is required to demonstrate compliance with ULPG (Universal Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which contains a combination of Propane
and Butane.

GCM Labels

A GCM Style guide is available; which outlines the dimension requirements and alternative forms of the GCM. The GCM Style guide is provided by your nominated CAB during the certification process. A copy of the Gas Appliance Scheme Rules is available on the GTRC website through the following link:—Version-2.0.pdf

GTRC National Certification Database

All Gas Appliances which have been certified after 2014 are shown on the GTRC National Database.
To access the National Database, please follow the link below.

Standards Development

NAFES member companies are actively involved in the development of Australia Gas Standards and
participate on the following committees:

  • AG-001 Gas Appliances Committee (Responsible for all AS/NZS Gas Appliance Standards)
  • AG-001-03 Commercial Catering Gas Equipment Sub-Committee (Responsible for AS 4563)AG-006 Gas Installations Committee (Responsible for AS/NZS 5601 & AS 4575)
  • AG-006 Gas Installations Committee (Responsible for AS/NZS 5601 & AS 4575)

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